-Basic knowledge of darkroom procedures needed. -

_DSC6558 copy.jpg

1. Handle your pinhole dilator to get accustomed with it. 

You can make it in whatever shape and material you find pleasing and comfortable with. 

Custom-made pinhole dilator with opened back.

Copper and black paint, 2020.

_DSC6500bn copy.jpg

2. Wear your strippable darkroom skirt: feel cool in such a piece of fashion.

3. Choose a position you feel comfortable with.

4. Wellcome film and the pinhole inside labias.

Push inside until the film - push it again - the film is safely in the dark of your body.

The photographer wearing the portable darkroom skirt for vaginographies.

5. If not already, open wide your legs and move the whole of your body in order to point at your designated subject.


6. Remove your fingertip from the hole.

Feel the light penetrating the darkness of your body.

Let light penetrating your vagina as long as you decide to. 

Then, replace the fingertip on the pinhole. 

Close tight the skirt.

The photographer taking a picture.

dafne salis

Photographer taking her husband's vaginograph portrait. 2021

drurer copy.jpg

Draughtsman Making a Perspective Drawing of a Reclining Woman, Durer, 1600 ca.

davide ritratto.jpg

7. Remove dilator pinhole and film. 

Check results.

Vaginograph: Davide's portrait, 2021.


-For a new cosmogony of female figures. -

occhio sinisto.jpg

Self portrait as Korè- pupil of the eye

Self portrait as Korè- pupil of the eye, 2020.

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