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-Dafne Salis PhD ongoing research-

IMG_20230126_0001 copy lav.jpg

Vaginal Camera Self Portrait.
Seating on a black stool, pregnant. 
Fine Art Baryta print.

Key picture for Giuliana.2022
Fine Art Baryta print.


Vera. 2022
Silver Gelatin Print

A friend. 2022
Fine Art Baryta print

dafne salis

Photographer taking her husband's vaginograph portrait. 2021

drurer copy.jpg

Draughtsman Making a Perspective Drawing of a Reclining Woman, Durer, 1600 ca.

davide ritratto bw.jpg

 Portrait of the Husband, 2021.
Fine Art Baryta print.

IMG_20230126_0004 copy.jpg

Self portrait on top of a mirror, 2023
Key for Self portrait on top of a mirror. 2023
Fine Art Baryta print


Homage to Judy Chicago, Eye Flag, 2023
Fine Art Luster print.

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