-Dafne Salis PhD ongoing research-

_DSC6558 copy.jpg

Custom-made pinhole dilator with opened back.

Copper and black paint, 2020.

_DSC6500bn copy.jpg

The photographer wearing the portable darkroom skirt for vaginographies.2021


The photographer taking a picture, 2021.

dafne salis

Photographer taking her husband's vaginograph portrait. 2021

drurer copy.jpg

Draughtsman Making a Perspective Drawing of a Reclining Woman, Durer, 1600 ca.

davide ritratto.jpg

Vaginograph: My husband's portrait, 2021.

vaginografia 2021 self portrait copy.jpg
_DSC1055 copy.jpg

Vaginograph: Self portrait, 2021.
The two pictures show the same moment: myself taking a self-portrait with my vagina in front of the mirror, and the automated digital camera documenting the performance. 

_DSC7214 copy.jpg

Vaginograph in the countryside of Palestrina, 2021.


-For a new cosmogony of female figures. -

occhio sinisto.jpg

Self portrait as Korè- pupil of the eye, 2020.

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